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The Radio Makers
New alernative, glam, pop outfit featuring Sam Sequin on vocals and guitar - New The Radio Makers - In-Tune' EP just released 2016.
FAB 208
Outstanding Glam band who took over from Terry and the Boyz . Fronted by Tinsels' very own Colonel Tom Parker - John 'The Guru' Hughes. if you loved the Spangle Boyz you'll love FAB
Vinyl Warning
Sam Sequin is a Punk Rocker.
Red Light GO
Sam Sequins former band - electro pop punk heaven.
Produced the pop-tastic self titled album
Cosmic Jive
Sam Sequin rocked with some awesome pop tunes.
Produced the infamous 'Way Out EP' and 'Hey Hey Hey EP '(1995 - 1999)
Kick Up The Eighties
Sam Sequin changes decades with a fine new Romantic tribute band celebrating the likes of Adam and the Ants, Duran, Depeche Mode et al (1998 - 2000)

The Girls
The legendary Stevie Starre's band. Stevie produced the K-Terry sessions at Roundstone Studios in Trowbridge. Stevie is still known to slap on the old eye-liner and mascara. An awesome live band - catch them while you can.