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Sweet Dreams (CD Single) - Produced By Pete Lamb 2000
(4943 Kb)
Title: Sweet Dreams
Written by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).
(2493 Kb)
(3376 Kb)
Title: Take the Picture
Written by Mark Truman and Andy Madison (K.U.T.E)
(1707 Kb)
Kute (Demo) - Produced By Simon Matthews 1998
(2738 Kb)
Title: Ant Music
Written by Adam Ant and Marco Pironni.
(1388 Kb)
(2806 Kb)
Title: Hungry Like The Wolf
Written by Duran Duran.
(1420 Kb)
(2890 Kb)
Title: New Life
Written by Depeche Mode.
(1461 Kb)
(4506 Kb)
Title: Vienna
Written by Midge Ure and Billy Curry (Ultravox)
(2288 Kb)
Kute (Live)
(4454 Kb)
Title: Are Friends Electric
Written by Gary Numan
(2253 Kb)
(3340 Kb)
Title: Don't You Want Me
Written by Human League
(2902 Kb)
Title: Fade to Grey
Written by Steve Strange
(1473 Kb)
(3900 Kb)
Title: Planet Earth
Written by Duran Duran
(1977 Kb)
(2540 Kb)
Title: Tainted Love
Written by Gloria Jones
(1288 Kb)

**Please note - no money was ever made from these recordings**

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